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Puppy Care by Dr Spot at Campbelltown North Animal Hospital

So you’ve just purchased the bowls, the bed, the kennel, the training pads...

But now you’re stuck?

What will you feed her? When should he be vaccinated? How often does she need to be wormed?  And why is he chewing everything???

Look no further then Dr Spots Puppy Care Checklist!


  • 1st- 6-8 weeks of age
  • 2nd- 10-12 weeks of age
  • 3rd- 14-16 weeks of age
  • Then an annual health check and vaccination is recommended for the life of your pup.

Each vaccination is accompanied by a complete puppy check over. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to ask during your appointment.


Worm your puppy with an intestinal all-wormer every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age. Then every month until 6 months of age then every 3 months for life (products available include Drontal All- Wormer)

Heartworm Prevention

Puppies should start a heartworm preventative by 12 weeks of age.


Fleas can be a tricky year round problem. Ask our friendly staff for advice on what is appropriate for your puppy.


Puppies need the best start in life to grow into strong, healthy companions. For the best start offer your puppy a complete and balanced diet in either dry or canned form. Dry kibble formulations are perfect to maintain healthy teeth compared to canned food. Puppies should be kept on a “Puppy Formulation” until 12 months of age. Then they can be maintained on an adult formula.


Between the age of 8-16 weeks is the best window of opportunity to socialize your pup. This period is crucial in creating a friendly pup, over a shy or aggressive pup. Talk to one of our nurses about how to socialize your pup safely. Or read more on puppy preschool.

Puppy behaviour & training

Need helpful hints on how to train your puppy the basic commands of sit, stay & come? Need help nipping problem puppy behaviour in the bud? Attending puppy pre-school is a hands-on experience that will send you home with a wealth of knowledge & techniques. Another helpful source of information & visual aids is you-tube, in particular episodes uploaded on Howdini channel with advice & visual techniques from trained veterinary personnel. See our useful links page for a direct link to these pages.