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So you’ve just purchased the bowls, the bed, the kennel, the training pads and the rest for your new puppy. But now you’re stuck? What will you feed her? When should he be vaccinated? Why are there wriggly things in her poo? Look no further then Dr Spots Puppy Care Checklist!

So you’ve just purchased a new kitten, the bowls, the scratching posts, the litter trays, etc. But now you’re stuck? What will you feed her? When should he be vaccinated? Why are there wriggly things in her poo? Look no further than Dr Spots Kitten Care Checklist!

Caring for other small furry pets with Dr Spot like Rabbits, Ferrets and Guinea pigs, their health and veterinary care, vaccinations, desexing, housing and other tips.

When is your cat or dog considered to be a geriatric or senior patient? There is not one answer that fits all pets. A general guideline for older pets is as follows:

We offer & recommend pre-anaesthetic blood testing for all pets prior to anaesthesia and sedation. These tests improve anaesthetic safety by providing important information on your pet’s kidney & liver function, as well as its red blood cell levels and hydration status. Since anaesthetic agents are metabolised and excreted in the liver and kidneys, any problems represent a risk for general anaesthesia and sedation.

Pre-operative instructions by Dr Spot at Campbelltown North Animal Hospital including fasting, medication, vaccination and admission of your pets before their surgery.

Hundreds of professionally written veterinary articles and pet stories archived to benefit you and your pets to have a great Pet/Owner relationship.

Ask your veterinary and pet related question below and our online vet will reply, but please remember that this information is not a substitute for the specific advice you would receive from a visit to your veterinarian.

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Leash Free areas for dogs in Macarthur and Campbelltown community. Dogs are happier and healthier when they have regular exercise. Campbelltown City Council provides areas, some of which have agility equipment, where owners can exercise their dogs off-leash.

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