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Campbelltown Annual Health Checks with Dr Spot at North Animal Hospital

One year in your pets life is equivalent to 7 -8  human years. This makes your pets annual health checkAnnual health checks with Dr Spot and Campbelltown North Animal Hospital one of the most important visits for your pet to our clinic. Because pets age more quickly than humans, major health changes can occur in a short period of time. An annual physical exam allows us to detect medical problems early and the veterinarian will advise you on the best ways to diagnose or treat these problems. This annual visit will also give you the opportunity to express any concerns you may have with your pet. Our veterinarians will happily answer any questions and give advice on a whole range of topics including dental care, nutrition, weight control, behaviour problems, geriatric care, pain management, tick & flea control or any other topic that is relevant to you. The most important goal of the annual health check is preventative medicine. We want to help you look after your pet in the best possible way, allowing them to live long happy lives!!!









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