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Heartworm prevention by Dr Spot at Campbelltown North Animal Hospital

Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes. They are potentially fatal and can be prevented.

Heartworm prevention is the best cure for your petALL DOGS are at risk, even if your dog lives indoors & never comes in contact with other dogs.

One infected mosquito is all it takes to pass heartworm to your dog or cat. Adult worms eventually grow inside a pet's heart, which can cause the heart to go into failure. The disease can go unnoticed for many years and then sudden symptoms or death may result.

An infected pet may develop a cough or become inactive or lethargic, due to the weakness of the heart. Deep and laboured breathing or sudden collapse may occur. Consult your veterinarian immediately if your pet develops these symptoms.

Prevention is the best form of care for your pet.

It is very easy to protect your pet against heartworm, and we have a number of different products on hand to help you keep your pampered pooch protected.

These include:

  • Annual injection:- The Proheart injection is given by a veterinarian at the hospital once a year.
  • Monthly topical treatments:- Products such as Revolution & Advocate are top-spot liquids that are applied to the skin on the back of your pet’s neck with minimum fuss & effort. These products protect against fleas as well, and also cover worming in dogs (Advocate) and cats (Advocate & Revolution).
  • Monthly Chews/ Tablets:- Products such as Sentinel, Guardian and Heartgard are given to your dog each month & are enjoyed like a treat!! Some of these also protect against fleas (Sentinel ) and intestinal worms (Guardian and Sentinel).
  • These monthly preventatives must be applied or given on the same day EVERY month for complete protection.

With all the different options available one of our friendly staff will be sure to help you find something that suits your needs. Call us or drop in today!